Being physically active

Before starting physical activity, it is crucial to do a good cardiovascular, articular and muscular warm-up.

Warm-up and flexibility/stretching exercises and a gradual increase in intensity and duration of exercise are essential to an adequate physical activity practice.

Preparing your body for exercise is the best way to prevent injuries, becoming tired quickly and other more serious complications.

Flexibility/stretching exercises prepare your muscles and articulations for physical activity. Ideally, they should be done before and after physical activity.

You shouldn’t stop exercising abruptly, especially if exercising vigorously. It is recommended that you slow down progressively until stopping. For example, if you are running fast, you shouldn’t stop suddenly; you should slow down until coming to a halt.

If you have never exercised or haven’t done it in a long time, start with moderation and slowly and progressively increase intensity, so your body can adjust to it.