World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has several strategic documents that guide the formulation of health policies, with food and nutrition currently being considered as key elements in the definition of objectives, strategies and recommendations in its various programs and policies, namely “Health 2020: the European Policy Framework and strategy for 21st century”, “Action Plan for the Implementation of the European Strategy for the Prevention and Control noncommunicable Diseases 2012-2016”, “Vienna Declaration on Nutrition and noncommunicable Diseases in the context of Health 2020, “Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health”, “The Challenge of obesity in the WHO European Region and the strategies for response”, “The Helsinki Statement on the Health in All Policies” and “European Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2015-2020 “.

Among these, the most recent Action Plan for Food Policy and Nutrition – “European Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2015-2020” – stands out, setting out the general lines of action that should be considered in any strategy in the area of food and nutrition to be implemented at national or local levels.

WHO also presents a set of recommendations for a healthy diet (Healthy diet – Fact sheet Nº 394).

The PNPAS was developed based on the guidelines proposed by the WHO, namely the aforementioned documents.