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Papa Bem (eat well)

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy. Papa Bem aims to support families and caretakers in promoting healthy growth and development of their children, from pregnancy to 5 years-old.

How? A set of resources about essential aspects of a healthy growth – healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, etc. – was developed. Here you can find documents, leaflets, videos and brief messages to help you on this journey of the beginning of life. Papa Bem’s content was developed by the National School of Public Health, of the Nova University of Lisbon, as part of the Harvard Medical School – Portugal Program’s Information Production project. Papa Bem is financed by National Funds, via the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN) and COMPETE.

Papa Bem project encompasses a set of quality materials covering childhood obesity, pregnancy, children nutrition (0 to 5 years-old), as well as the role of family in the healthy growth and development, and the role of the community in counteracting childhood obesity.

In the next months, new contents will be released. Please find some examples below.


Childhood Obesity

What is childhood obesity? Obesity is a condition characterized be excess body fat to an extent that can affect health. When it happens in the period between birth and the beginning of adolescence, it is called childhood obesity.

Obesity is a chronic illness, as it has no definite cure and requires life-long control. This means that, even if an obese child loses weight, they will always have a tendency to put on weight again.