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Food consumption is the biggest contributor to global warming in Europe, followed by housing and transportation. The food choices we make throughout the day can influence the environment and biodiversity. However, it is possible to have a tasty and healthy nutrition while protecting our planet.

We are currently facing climate changes that will influence our relationship with food (availability, consumption, quality, hygiene and safety) at an unprecedented rate in recent history.

Food consumption is a major contributor of global warming in Europe, surpassing housing and transportation. The modification of dietary habits can have a significant impact on the environment. The adoption of a Mediterranean dietary pattern, with an increased intake of locally sourced, seasonal, plant foods can help minimize the impact of food consumption in the environment.

We hope this space can increase the knowledge needed to adopt a healthy eating pattern that is also tasty and environmentally friendly. Quercus was included as a partner in this project in order to increase critical mass, connection to civil society and quality of the interventions.

Green Moment partners

Quercus is an independent, nonpartisan, nationwide, nonprofit organization, made up of citizens coming together for the same interest in Nature and Natural Resources Conservation and Environment Protection, in a sustainable development perspective.