Since 2011, LIDL and the Directorate-General of Health promote social responsibility projects on “healthy lifestyles” to more than 37,000 primary school students, with actions such as “Back to School”, “Mission: Grow Strong and Healthy” and “Goodness Gang”. These actions took place in about 140 schools across the country.

In 2015, LIDL and the Directorate-General of Health rejoin to launch the new campaign “Goodness Gang – Superfoodz” aiming to highlight the importance of adopting a healthy diet, together with regular physical activity, with additional messages about oral hygiene, the importance of sleep and kitchen safety. With the help of “Goodness Gang” mascots, this campaign aims to teach and encourage the little ones to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyles, in a playful and educational way. The mascots represent fruits and vegetables and convey useful advice and information on food, particularly regarding the powers of vitamins, so that children become familiarized, from early on, with the best choices they can make for their health. Additionally, a piece of fruit will be given to students of the included schools.