Welcome to PNPAS


We want this to be prominent website in the areas of clinical nutrition and healthy eating. Where citizens and health professionals can find, amongst others, quality data regarding national nutrition facts, food legislation promoting healthy eating, food and nutrients, Directorate-General of Health’s recommendations and healthy recipes and tools you can use on your day-to-day life. You can also find out more about “Good Practices” our National Health Service’s professionals are developing in each Regional Health Administration concerning promoting healthy eating, as well as other civil society initiatives. This website will be updated with the most recent scientific information available, with the help of the best specialists in the country, to whom we express our sincere thanks for the collaboration.

This space is yours. Your suggestions will allow it to become better and better suited to its final purpose: the improvement of everyone’s health and wellbeing. Enjoy!

Pedro Graça

PNPAS Director