10 Good reasons to eat soup

  1. It provides significant amounts of vitamins and minerals;
  2. It provides antioxidants, that wouldn’t be absorbed otherwise;
  3. It is easily digested;
  4. It is a good source of hydration;
  5. If eaten in the beginning of the meal, it increases biliary production, reducing blood cholesterol levels;
  6. If eaten in the beginning of the meal, it also promotes a gradual release of insulin, regulating appetite and satiety;
  7. Unlike other food preparation methods, it does not have significant amounts of naturally occurring toxic substances, anti-nutrients and allergens;
  8. Energy, fluid and salt contents depend on the ingredients used. This versatility makes soup a great choice for any age and any health status;
  9. It is inexpensive and quick to prepare, and can be made in advance and reheated before serving;
  10. The benefits of good quality, traditional Portuguese soup go beyond health and nutrition; it has historic, ethnographic, social and technical importance and evidences authenticity, singularity and classic values, which give soup the status of cultural heritage.