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Healthy Supermarket Movement

This is a project aiming to increase consumer education, helping them make safe, healthy and quality food choices.

Several studies have shown that the adoption of healthy eating habits, such as the reduction in saturated fats, salt, added sugars and high-energy low-nutrient foods intake, contribute to a healthy life and the decrease of obesity incidence.

In this context, the “Healthy Supermarket Movement” – launched by Continente Supermarkets – has held a series of actions aimed at consumer education, providing them with the tools to make informed, safe, healthy and quality choices.

This project aims to raise awareness and mobilize Portuguese society to change its eating behavior and attitudes towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Healthy Supermarket Movement” consists of eight key commitments for a better nutrition:

  1. Eat breakfast every day;
  2. Eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily;
  3. Don’t leave more than three and a half hours between meals;
  4. Always read the label of food products;
  5. Be physically active at least 3 times a week;
  6. Keep your body hydrated;
  7. Plan your meals for the week;
  8. Cook foods with less salt, fat and sugar.

Several educational contents are available on Continente’s website (link).

The Directorate-General of Health, through the National Programme for the Promotion of Healthy Eating (PNPAS), has contributed with a video to promote the “Always read the label of food products” commitment, which was broadcasted on RTP1. In addition, PNPAS has also contributed with the dissemination of information on food labelling an on another commitment – “Cook foods with less salt, fat and sugar”.